Ranbir Kapoor is not engaged to Katrina Kaif!

11 February 2015   Wednesday

Bollywood`s blue-eyed boy, Ranbir Kapoor and `Barbie Doll` Katrina Kaif are possibly the two most talked about actors. The fact that these two are young, good looking and apparently share a bond, makes everyone jump to several theories. However, the actor for the first time revealed that he is not engaged to the leggy lass.

Japan introduces Halal tourism

Japan introduces Halal tourism in the country. Prayer rooms, hijabs made from local silk and even halal-certified whale meat are appearing in Japan as tourism bosses wake up to the demand from Muslim travellers.

Mother births 4 Babies together

A mother births 4 babies together at Narsinghdi Bangladesh Toady. Having 2 Boy and two girls, Mother and The family is very happy.