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Best sohes in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi teens like to wear Kades and other footware. The best shoe brand is here at Bata, Apex, Jennys, Bay, Woodland. Other brands also popular here. Bata is the world’s leading family footwear. 

Girls fashion gallery at Dahaka

Girls best fashion accessories. Bangladeshi girls love to wear these ornaments and fashions products.

Teen Fashion dress at Dhaka

In this Eid season the teen girls fashion dress is available at Dhaka. The best 3pieces and colourful dresses you will fin at Bosundhara city at Dhaka panthapath.

Beximco launches LUXURY LAWN

BEXIMCO has launched Country’s first-ever BEXIMCO LUXURY LAWN women’s clothing ranges. 

Do Women Need Bras?

Women who go braless may actually have the right idea, new research suggests.

Pillow as sex toy

If a girlfriend body pillow doesn`t ring your bell, don`t worry, there`s now a male alternative that includes all of its limbs and body parts—or at least most of them.

Phone Sex Enables `Fundawear`

Feel that tingle down there? It might be a long-distance call. Condom-maker Durex has introduced app-controlled underwear that vibrates.

How to use Lipstick

Lipsticks  Lip-Lock and Liping, all these things are emotional. Red lips are an essential component to a woman’s makeup repertoire.