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Bangladesh 84th in Global Peace Index

Bangladesh 84th in Global Peace Index

Bangladesh ranks 84 in Global Peace Index among 162 countries in the world and Bangladesh ranks third among seven South Asian countries in the Global Peace Index 2015. 

Bangladesh is in the third position while Bhutan ranks the first and Nepal second. India and Pakistan rank fifth and sixth respectively.
Global Peace Index (GPI), a global indicator of peace among the nations across the world, has been published this week by The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), a non-profit research organization. 

The index considers factors like level of violence, internal and external conflicts and military rule.
According to an article published on CNN, Iceland tops the chart as the most peaceful country of the world. Europe is the most peaceful continent due to minimal internal and external conflicts. Six out of the ten most peaceful countries are from Europe.
Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are placed at the bottom of the index as the least peaceful countries.
According to IEP’s report, United States ranks lower than Bangladesh in the index. US ranks 94 among 162 countries, mostly because of militarization, high rate of murder and being violence-prone.
The report also said that South Asia moved up in the index due to the increasing conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa. Although the countries of this area have not developed much yet, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh have achieved positive success.
Bangladesh ranks 157 out of 162 countries in terms of the cost of violence containment. In the internal and external conflict indicator, Bangladesh scores 1.57 among 4.In social security index, Bangladesh scores 2.63 among 5 and in militarization index, the score is 1.23.

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