Jihad rescued from 250ft pipe (video)

Jihad rescued from 250ft pipe (video)

4 yearold boy Jihad, who fell and was trapped into a 400-feet deep abandoned water pump pipe, has been rescued dead from the Shahjahanpur Railway Colony area in the Capital on Saturday after 23 hours.

At around 3 pm Jihad has been pulled up just after the fire service rescuers suspended the operation. There were confusions and doubt about Jihad’s condition and position to the bottom of the pipe, today.

Later, Fire Service Director General (DG) Brigadier General Ahmed Ali Khan told the reporters, fire fighters sent special camera to 280 feet depth of the pipe which found nothing but pet and insects. As there had been rough surface, camera could not be sent further.

Finding no sign of Jihad, rescuers suspended the operation.

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