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Superpower Bangladesh, Boosting GDP

Superpower Bangladesh, Boosting GDP

The economy of Bangladesh is boosting till this year. Bangladesh will grab a smart position within 2019 as estimated by CNN money.

CNN money estimated that, Bangladesh will continue its economic growth from 2015 to 2019. In this year GDP of the country will reach 6.5% and after the end of the year it will touch 7%. The Growth will remain until 2019.

But the achieving the goal is tougher that thought, the political crisis should be resolved.

By 2019, the growth of GDP Bangladeshi will get the 2nd position among the world.  Iraq will gain highest GDP. Even India will not catch Bangladesh by the time.  


GDP of Bangladesh

2012: 6.1%

2013: 5.8%

2014: 6.0%

2015: 6.5% estimated

2016-19: 7% estimated

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