Welcome Maradona To Bangladesh

Welcome Maradona To Bangladesh

The Football God, Maradona is coming to Bangladesh. A franchisee-based soccer league, like Indian super league, has been proposed in Bangladesh and football`s living legend, Diego Maradona, might be the chairman of the league.

Indian event management organisation, Celebrity Management Group, on Monday has offered Bangladesh Football Federation to organise a franchisee-based soccer league.

The organisation`s executive director, Vashkar Goshwami, told this to a private television channel.

He said, "A primary proposal has been submitted to Bangladesh Football Federation chairman. He took it seriously."

"This league might change the feature of Bangladesh football," Vashkar added.

Participation of international star soccer players will enhance the importance of the league, he also added.

The management group has also planned to involve Maradona, the Argentine football legend with the event. The initiative, however, is at an embryonic stage now.

A total of eight clubs — seven divisional and a district club from Mymensingh — will participate in the league while European and Latin American famous soccer clubs would be partners of the teams.

Besides, world star football players and coaches also will join the teams.

To finalise the plan, the Celebrity Management Group and the Bangladesh Football Federation will sit on 5 January, 2015.

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