Record TV sells

Record  TV sells

Bangladesh is witnessing a record sale of television sets in the last couple of months as just few days left to begin the FIFA World Cup 2014, the biggest sporting event in the world.

Kickoff of the FIFA World Cup 2014 is on June 12 and here in Dhaka full-on party mode will continue till about the end of June, until Ramadan starts.

Irrespective of young and old, rich or poor, most of the people from all walks of life especially youths are enthusiastically waiting to watch live their favourite football sport on new TV screen as every match to be turned into celebration.

Local manufacturers beefed up their production of television sets while traders of foreign companies increased the supply of the electronic product to meet the additional demand for the same among consumers. Apart from local brands - Walton and Marcel -- foreign companies such as Samsung, LG, Singer, Panasonic and Transtec are among them in the markets.

Around 12-13 lakh TV sets are produced in the country every year while the country imports two lakh sets, according to the Bangladesh TV Manufacturers Association (BTMA). As many as 14.44 lakh TV sets were sold out in last 2013-14 fiscal year and 7.38 lakh sets were sold in just six months till December of the current fiscal, according to the association.

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