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Porn problem for Bangladeshi girl

Porn problem for Bangladeshi girl

Girls SMS: I’m 14 Year Teen Girl from Dhaka and reading a renowned school. I watched Porn daily in my Phone and in my computer. Now, I’m in lot of trouble and feeling sick of it. Please, give me a solution.

SexGuru Advice: It’s a known fact that most people watch porn. But are you one of those who regularly get their dose of viewing adult material on the internet? And in doing so, have you become sort of a global citizen in the world of porn? If yes, then you could be heading for trouble, especially if you’re under the impression that viewing things people do in videos can actually make you better in the sack. Exposure to porn is desensitising youngs to such an extent that they are unable to get excited by ordinary sexual activities. This is the result of over stimulation of dopamine (a neurotransmitter that activates the pleasure centre in the brain) on a continuous basis by watching pornography. In the process, a paradoxical effect gets generated whereby the brain loses its ability to respond to normal levels of dopamine when it gets used to a higher spike of dopamine. This means that individuals need experiences of an extreme nature to get sexually aroused. Let’s cite the case of 23-year-old housewife Mithila , who’s totally hooked on to watching porn online and has been married since the past 3 years. “Like most regular girls, I too have been watching porn since I was a teenager. However, with the passage of time there’s such easy availability of a variety of porn on the internet to suit everybody’s tastes. In fact, I prefer watching porn than having sex with my hubby,” she confesses. Now she is seeking marital counselling as a result of his addiction to viewing porn. Solution: There is an increase in the number of such cases as online pornography is highly popular and exciting because its accessible, affordable and anonymous. In fact, today we live in a sexually saturated society and we are exposed to tons of information, much of which is distorted

  1. What is shown in porn is not natural sex. These are actions according to picturisation and titillation, and doing the same produces a lot of discomfort and failure. Especially in the initial days, this can be very devastating on sexual relationships.
  2. 2. As for treatment staying away from porn, divert mind and Counselling and sometimes medicines too are prescribed.

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