Hirdoy is not Mature told Suzana!

Hirdoy is not Mature told Suzana!

Ridoy khan and Suzana are now separate and Suzana Called Ridoy `Immamute’, according to media report. Within few months of their marriage, celebrity couple Hridoy Khan and Suzana got divorced.

The rumour of their separation had been in the air for a long time, but by signing the divorce letter the couple ended all queries. According to information singer Hridoy Khan signed the divorce on Monday. The paper was later signed by actress Suzana on the same day.

The couple had tied the knot with the presence of their family on 1st August. However, the marriage did not even last for a year.

The story of the celeb couple began after Suzana participated in one of Hridoy Khan’s music video. Working with her the singer fell for the actress who is 7 year older than him. After 3 years of wooing the actress finally gave in and they got married.

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