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Beautiful Art Galleries of Dhaka

Beautiful Art Galleries of Dhaka

The love of art has always attracted city surfers. Since old days, Dhaka is known as the central point of Fine Arts. As many people including elders and teenagers are taking art galleries as part of their leisure and also for mental enrichment, there are numbers of art galleries in the capital for exhibition now. The art-lovers easily find an opportunity to get acquainted with the art of past and present through these galleries. Dhaka that is the reason why is the tourist attraction from all over the world. Let us have a look at some of the art galleries of Dhaka.

Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts:

Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts was opened on Pahela Baishakh in 2000 with the initiative of Bengal Foundation. Abul Khair, an industrialist, is the owner of this foundation. The gallery hosts two exhibitions every month. However, there is no provision of selling any picture from the gallery except at the time of exhibition.

National Art Gallery:

The National Art Gallery of Shilpakala Academy started its journey in the year 1974. The academy since 1975 began hosting exhibitions once in every after two years.  It has played a vital role in gaining reputation for its expansion. Besides, since 1982, two yearly Asian art exhibition and the exhibition for the new art- lovers are also being hosted with the initiative of National Art Gallery and Shilpakala Academy. 

Shilpangan Theatre:

Shilpangan Theater was opened in March 1992. Faiz Ahmed, a prominent literary man and folk writer is its founder. With his initiative, this gallery was founded. This is the first non-govt. modern art gallery. The gallery is located at house # 26 on Road # 3 in Dhanmandi. The gallery remains open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Gallery `Chitrak`:

Contemporary Gallery “Chitrak” was opened in December 2000 in the House # 4 at Road # 21 of Dhanmondi with the joint collaboration of Artist Moniruzzaman, Ahmed Nazir, and Zahir Uddin. With the efforts and contributions of new and old artists, about 100 or more exhibitions have already been hosted in this gallery. In addition, more than 100 exhibitions have been hosted for providing humanitarian services to poor artists.

Drik Gallery:

Drik Gallery is situated on Road # 15-A, House # 58 in Dhanmandi.  Dr. Shahidul Alam is the founder of this gallery. Every month, there are about 4 – 5 exhibitions that are hosted in this gallery. Besides, the foundation arranges the biggest photo festival of Asia that is organized once in every after two years.

Alliance Francoise

Alliances Francoise is a dependable art gallery for the artists since quite a long. With the initiative of Foreign Embassy of France in Dhaka, this modern gallery was opened and has become well established as a premier art gallery in Bangladesh. It is a must visit for tourists. This gallery is located at Road # 3 in Dhanmandi adjacent to Science Laboratory.

With the rich heritage of so many art galleries in Dhaka, these galleries represent the culture and history of paintings, sculptures, and tapestries of contemporary Bangladeshi art alongside a number of artifacts of civilizations from across the world. One can easily visit with family and friends to discover another dimension in art & culture of the country through these galleries. Jovago provides you a chance to explore your imagination with the world of art & culture. As an exhibition goes on every month, anyone can come and visit these galleries in Dhaka to upstream their knowledge on art & culture. 

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