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Publish Video on Facebook and get Prize

Publish Video on Facebook and get Prize

Are you ready to take a challenge? To be a winner, you have to upload a video on face book only. To win this contest, participants need to record a water bottle flipping video and post it with their privacy settings changed to public in social media along with the hashtag #IfadBottleFlip. This contest is arranged by IFAD Multi Products Ltd, country’s one of the most renowned consumer food products brand.

The youth are making this exciting video and uploading it in social media as fun. Famous YouTuber Salman Mohammad Muqtadir with his squad named BrownFish Production took the challenge and made a fantastic video along with the brand mascot EGGY. In this video, they showed successful half filled water bottle flipping in different amusing ways in different places. This exciting video is getting viral in social media and grabbing people`s craze.

Ifad has been established as a brand with quality product over the years. It is very well known among all age cohorts for this reason. This Bottle Flip Contest has painted Ifad in a new light as also being fun and innovative. Their approach is sure to win a place in the hearts of the youth.

The Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYRfEF_2wZE

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