Japanese fans clean stadium

Japanese fans clean stadium

Its a Japanese example. Aah, the Japanese! They created Pokemon, they make the coolest gadgets ever, they are disciplined and hard working.As if all that wasn`t enough, they decided to be the FIFA World Cup`s best group of fans.

Japanese fans who watched their national team be defeated by the Ivory Coast in the FIFA World Cup on Saturday showed it is possible to lose graciously, when they stayed behind after the match to help clean up.

Yes, the world has hoards to learn from them.

Despite seeing the Blue Samurais lose 2-1 against Didier Drogba`s team at the Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Japanese spectators armed with bin liners patrolled their side of the stadium and gathered up discarded litter.

While gathering waste after a sporting event is customary in Japan, the spectators’ actions came as a shock to football fans from other countries.

As pictures of the scene spread online, Twitter users took to the social media website to praise the do-gooders.

“What a good gesture from Japan,” wrote Twitter user Blas Piguera III.

People of Japanese origin expressed how proud they were of the custom.

Following their wrenching defeat against Ivory Coast, the Blue Samurais are currently 3rd in Group C, and must defeat Greece and Colombia in their remaining group matches to make it past the knockout stages.

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