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Primary school students are getting pregnant!

Primary school students are getting pregnant!

Teen girls are getting pregnant and the parents become worried. Parents in Bosnia, are angry after their teens came home pregnant following a school trip.

Seven children who study at a small school in their town, returned home pregnant after a five day school trip.

The case has sparked national discussions on sex education, where the number of sexually active teen girls has increased significantly in recent years.

Senad Mehmedbasic, a gynecologist in Sarajevo, said that the growing trend of underage pregnancies is worrying. Parents are calling on schools to educate children about sex rather than having them learn about sex on the streets.

Experts said that schools and parents should play a more important role in providing effective sex education.

"Children do not have enough health education to engage in sexual activities. They have no idea about the health consequences of having unprotected sex. Schools and parents have to take a more direct role in sex education, and we should not allow the streets to teach our children about sex," a teen gynecologist said.

The National Coordinator for Reproductive Health of the Republika Srpska, Nenad Babici, confirmed that children from a small town went on a five-day trip, and after some time, it turned out that seven of the girls got pregnant after having sex during the excursion.

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