Nazneen Akter Happy’s love story

Nazneen Akter Happy’s love story

Nazneen Akter Happy, the girl who is twisted up with national cricketer Rubel Hossain, will unravel everything tonight. She will disclose the recent happenings on a radio program. Now, time for the audience has arrived to take all the preparation to listen to the bomb blast.

The new face of silver screen Happy is to open up through the Dhaka FM program. The special talk show titled ‘Ondhokarer Golpo’ (The story in Darkness) will provide happy with the platform to disclose her life. She will talk about her entrance to the Dhallywood, future planning, acting and so on. Obviously the audience can expect her to reveal the twist with Rubel.

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This is the first time she is going to discuss the issue with any form of media after she became the hot topic.

Sources said, the host of the program will attempt to connect Rubel Hossain over the phone.

Happy stepped against national cricket team’s pacer Rubel Hossain on December 13 filing a case under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act with the Mirpur Police.

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