Tapas Pal Rape threat

Tapas Pal Rape threat

The All India Trinamool Congress Party’s MP and Kolkatas actor Tapas Pal commented controversial talk about Rape of the opposition.

Tapas Paul (b 1958) is a Bengali actor from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He is a Member of Parliament from Krisnanager having won in the 2009 Indian General Elections on a Trinamool Congress ticket. He said, "If CPI-M (Communist Party of India - Marxist) tries to kill and intimidate our workers... I will not spare them. I will let loose my men to rape your women’.

However he apologised Tuesday after he was captured on video threatening the rape of his political rivals` relatives, in what he said was "a gross error of judgement".

Amid widespread outrage in India over a series of recent high-profile rapes, Pal could be clearly heard bragging of his ability to order attacks against his left-wing opponents. His comments drew widespread condemnation, including from Trinamool which is the fourth largest party in parliament and whose support is concentrated in the state of West Bengal.

Tapos Pal said, "I never said rape. I said raid. I said they should raid all the people and places, including women and old. All demanded Mamata Banerjee should take action against him.

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