Mosharraf Karim Natok Chiching Fuck

Mosharraf Karim Natok Chiching Fuck

Bangladeshi popular tv actor Mosharraf Karim and actress Moutushi Biswas pair up for Eid play. The play titled is ‘Chiching Fuck’, which directed by Masud Sezan script of the play was written by the director himself.

The play Chiching Fuck will be aired on RTV. But due to the necessity of the play Moutushi faced problem to change her original name in Facebook. She renamed it Mili Hossain according to the demand of the script of the play.

For this reason, Moutushi has to wait to regain her original name after two months. Moutushi said, I had changed my name in my Facebook account according to the necessity of the play. But if I could realise the hazard earlier, I would apply another option in this regard.

After a break of few months, I have worked against Mosharraf Bhai. I have enjoyed working with him in the play. Mosharraf Karim said, On the occasion of coming Eid, I had worked in several plays. Story of the play ‘Chiching Fuck’ is really different to other.

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