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Bottle House, The Bangladeshi way

Bottle House, The Bangladeshi way

Bangladesh is a innovative country and people are super creative here, Example near in hand-Bottle House.Rather than discarding used plastic bottles, an innovative couple in a remote village of Bangladesh`s Lalmonirhat district, have recycle thousands of colourful bottles to build an eco-friendly house.

The couple -- Rashedul Alam and Asma Khatun -- were students of environmental science. They constructed the 1700-square feet house entirely of plastic bottles in a bid to make an ecological house for their only son who is differently-abled. This is the first time such a house has been constructed in Bangladesh. It`s undoubtedly an environment-friendly creation.The Rashedul-Asma couple said they begun construction of the house on 8 February this year. As much as 80 per cent of the house has already been completed. The couple said a total of 80, 000 plastic bottles, filled with sand, has been used to erect the house of four bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and two washrooms.The house also includes a veranda.The bottle walls were cemented with an alloy of sand and cement while the structural frame is made of brick chips and iron rods.The doors and windows are of steel and wood while roof will be of corrugated tin sheets.

Is there any research opportunity? Yes, certainly. We are super innovative aren’t we?

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