Artificial Intelligence in Big Data

Artificial Intelligence in Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) facilitates the efficient and effective supply of information to enterprises for optimized business decision-making.

Major IT and software vendor companies are investing billions to generate revenue from AI based commercial solutions in various areas including robotics, machine translators, chat bots, voice recognizers, business intelligence systems, mobility control systems, intelligent search, and more.

The AI based solution market is valued at US$ 900 million globally by year end 2013 and is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years. Some of the biggest opportunity areas are commercial applications, search in the Big Data environment, and mobility control for generation of actionable business intelligence.

The entire mobile/wireless ecosystem is well-positioned for AI via the growing adoption and expanded usage of consumer and enterprise electronics devices including smartphone, tablet, portable devices and wearable technologies. This research evaluates the market for AI solutions within commercial applications, business intelligence, search analytics in mobility environment, and more. This report analyzes the potential for enterprises to improve performance through AI, development of AI solution in cloud environment, and AI for Big Data control.


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