Online hotel booking increased at Eid

Online hotel booking increased at Eid

Eid had brought happiness and smiles along with some travel opportunities for people. Online hotel booking scenario has also changed during this festival. Online hotel booking platform has seen an increase of online hotel search and booking during Eid festival.

The demand for hotel bookings through online media has increased for travelling purpose on the occasion. It is likely to quote that almost half a million Bangladeshis search and book their hotel rooms on internet during eid, as said by Jovago on Wednesday.

“Consumer confidence to do online hotel bookings is on the rise in Bangladesh with some Jovago facilities and offers throughout  Ramadan and Eid time.  Bangladeshi Our country’s lifestyle has changed a little; people are travelling for leisure time. They prefer easy hotel bookings.  Jovago is doing the same and we honor their interests, said by the Country Director of Jovago Bangladesh Mehraz Muyeed.

There is a “significant headroom for growth in the sector with the ease of access to information and details that attract online propelling consumer confidence to book hotels online, Muyeed further added..

Bangladeshi travelers increasingly prefer short trips of less than five days when they get occasion like Eid, etc. Budget accommodation has emerged as the most popular option for travelers here. People prefer Hotels in Dhaka as well as outside cities like Chittagong, Cox’s Bazaar, Shylet and Khulna.

In our commitment to serve the hotel industry, Jovago is providing extraordinary facilities for online hotel bookings and expanding tourism in the country.

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