Exclusive ABB Seminar on Reliable Power for Growing Demand

Exclusive ABB Seminar on Reliable Power for Growing Demand

ABB, the leading company in Power & Automation, conducted a half day seminar on Power sector at Dhaka on 18th June.

The seminar, attended by more than 125 customers and stakeholders from Bangladesh, had ABB delegates from the leading supplying countries to the Bangladesh market viz. Switzerland, Singapore, China, India etc. The programme focussed on the three main aspects of Safety & Security, Speed and Space in offering technical solutions to challenges being faced by the country today.

Among the many technologies that ABB suggested for the country were compact substations incorporating the latest and state of art developments in switchgear technology, including underground substations & prefabricated substations, both which save significant space and execution time. Mr Johan deVilliers, Regional Division Manager, South Asia region, spoke at length on ABB’s solutions in optimising generation of power from fossil fuel.

He mentioned that upto 25% of the components of a Coal based power plants are in the domain of ABB core scope of Instrumentation, Control & Electrics, where ABB can significantly enhance the efficiency of generation. Presentations were also made on advancement of Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) technologies, Substation Automation Systems, Communication Network and Plant Control systems. The seminar also had a live simulator of integrated power plant controls and ERP system from ABB stable which can realtime link a power producers control systems to ERP based revenue & asset management.

Mr Rajarshi Banerjee, the Managing Director of ABB Bangladesh, concluded the seminar. In his concluding remarks, Mr Banerjee highlighted that ABB, as a global leader in innovation & disruptive technologies, have strong focus on Bangladesh as a growth market and are determined to provide solutions specific to the country’s socio-economic needs, chief among which are land scarcity, resource optimisation and reduced environmental impacts of growth. He made an appeal Bangladeshi users to adopt the latest technologies not only for space & operational reasons, also to insulate the country from technical obsolescence with the fast changing scenario of the power industry globally.

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