BNP leader Salahuddin Ahmed hide and seek

BNP leader Salahuddin Ahmed hide and seek

BNP leader Salahuddin Ahmed hide and seek mystery now over, Salahuddin Ahmed who was missing for the last few months, Now in Mental Hospital of India, said he does not know how he has reached Shillong.

"I know nothing how I have come here (Shillong). Some people left me here blindfolded by a car. I do not know even who they are," said Salahuddin after the Indian police detained him at Gold Link area of Shillong, capital of the Indian state of Meghalaya.

Salahuddin told police, "I was abducted from my Uttara residence in Dhaka. Some people, who made me captive, kept me always blindfolded. So, I could not see anything."

"They brought me here in a car and left here. I do not know where I am now. Everything seems unknown to me," he added. 

Police said Salahuddin was wandering abnormally in Golf Link area on Monday morning. People informed police that a man was walking aimlessly and police took him to the police station. But, he could not speak properly that time.

At one moment he told police that he is a former minister of Bangladesh. Then the police suspected whether he was telling the truth. However, he could not show any proof in favour of his claim. He had nothing with him except his dress. He was shivering. 

Mariahom Kharkrang, police chief of East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, said Salahuddin seemed to have lost his mental balance and could not speak properly, and so they admitted him to a mental hospital.

However there was no mark of injury on his body. He informed them of complexities in his heart and lever.

When Salahuddin landed in the hospital, he asked a doctor to lend him his phone.

"I want to talk to my wife," Salahuddin was quoted as saying to the doctor.

The BNP leader is now under treatment at Shillong Civil Hospital.


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