Momo Hot Scandal (Video)

Momo Hot Scandal (Video)

Actress Zakia Bari Momo has indeed stepped one step forward from her sweet, calm and generous acting attributes as she comes up with hot, sizzling motions in her upcoming film `Chhuye Dile Mon`.

Besides her, the film casts actor Arifin Shuvo, Misha Soudagor, Iresh Zaker and others. The film is directed by Shihab Shaheen.

The Lux channel-i superstar was seen to expose it too much- considering her previous assignments. The trailer and the title song is responding well on Youtube to her new move on revealing her body. The issue got a massive hype as it is Momo, who has never been seen to be so much `flashy`. She tried to maintain her decency despite the bareness that would tickle you up.


People in the social media has taken the matter cynically as they believe an actress like Momo doesn`t need to show much to grab her fans. She is a good actor with proper etiquette in her acting.

Whatsoever, perhaps the contractual agreement or the intention to fad her fame or to follow the Bollywood trend, Momo has decided to diminish her garments by margin.


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