CodersTrust Provided Awards  300 Freelancers

CodersTrust Provided Awards  300 Freelancers

Denmark-based multinational organization runs a subsidiary freelancing training institution at Bangladesh named as CodersTrust. The company has given certificates and prizes to the enlisted freelancers on their own campus situated at Banani.

Mr. Anisul Haque M.P was present as the chief guest at the  Certificate and award distribution ceremony., the Honorable Minister in the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Mr. Abdul Karim, Managing Director PKSF (Former Chief Secretary), Danish Ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther and Mr. Nazrul Islam Khan Chairman of Swanirvar Bangladesh (former Education Secretary) were present as special guests. CodersTrust’s Co-Founder Jan-Cayo Fiebig and Country Director Ataul Goni Osmani was also present at the event.

Codestrust authorities said that the new 300 meritorious students started earning after completing training in freelancing, and so far more than 1,000 freelancers have completed their training. After completion of the training, Shahed Sovon, Minhazul Islam and Naomi Zaman started their career and achieved top rated freelancer badge within a short period of time.

At the beginning of the ceremony, COO & Co-founder Jan-Cayo Fiebig highlighted the various aspects of their activities in Bangladesh for the past 3 years and plans to develop ten thousand freelancers in the next one year.

The minister said the present government is considering freelancing as one of the most important sectors in the field of information and technology. He also said that if skilled manpower is built up by providing quality education, it will be possible to earn a lot of foreign currency through online freelancing. The government has mentioned the diverse activities and praised the role of Coderstrust in the training sector.

Denmark`s ambassador said that Coderstust started working in Bangladesh with the help of the Danish Development Agency, DANIDA and they even expressed confidence that the success of the company will come forward for further guidance in future.

The former Principle secretary and managing director of PKSF Abdul Karim said that if the present youths are covered under this freelancing training, the country`s unemployment problem will be reduced considerably. He also mentioned about working with PKSF and Codestrust in the future.

The former education secretary Mr. Nazrul Islam Khan Chairman, Swanirvar Bangladesh also spoke on the occasion, said that technical assistance from Coderstrust has already started a training in Swanirvar Bangladesh and it will continue in future.

Later, the guests distributed certificates and prizes to the students.

Denmark-based information and technology company Coderstrust has been operating their operations in Bangladesh for more than 3 years. The company is working to create numerous number of skilled freelancers in the country. Currently 10 subjects are trained on the basis of the work load requirement of online marketplace. 

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