Miley Cyrus is dead

Miley Cyrus is dead

You can believe it or not, Miley Cyrus is Dead. You will find Miley`s death news in Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

How did Miley Cyrus  die? Its a mystery. However, It is a Facebook scam, Miley is the latest victim of such Facebook nasty scams.

Miley is dead, A shocking new claim made the rounds on social media on July 19. But the really Miley was ok and happily passing her time. Miley Cyrus Dead? Her all Fans Totally Freak Out, It may not true, they couldn’t believe it , But the Facebook report was so crazy that , Miley had overdosed in her Los Angeles home.

It was almost believable. Years ago there was another Hoax that Miley was hospitalized, Howere your favorite Miley is doing well now.

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