iPhone is boring

iPhone is boring

Android phones have become cooler, buzzier, more fun and more useful compared to the iPhone. Who would have imagined this? But that is exactly what has happened in the last six months.

In India, where we value our money and demand something that is truly useful, we always knew that a high-end Android phone is a better deal compared to the iPhone.

But now the rest of the world has discovered Android. And how. There are a lot of writers and bloggers who swear by the iPhone (or for that matter, anything made by Apple). In the last six months, many of these people have finally realized that the iPhone is not all that exciting anymore. It’s not as useful as it was earlier. It no longer even runs the most beautiful software. Many of these people have ditched their iPhones and started using Android. It’s a big change, considering how faithful the Apple users usually are. So, who are these people? Some big names in the world of technology. Let me list a few: -- Guy Kawasaki, an Apple evangelist and a long-time fan of the company, ditched the iPhone and switched to Android. But why? “I fell in love with Android on the smartphone, and then I got a Nexus 7 and started using Android on the tablet as well. To me the great irony is that Apple’s slogan was ‘Think Different,’ but today if you think different you’re looking at Android,” he told Dan Lyons at ReadWrite. -- Andy Ihnatko, a big-time Apple fan who often wrote “florid” reviews of Apple products, has switched to an Android phone.

Why? “I’ve switched from the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S III because it’s the best there is at the kind of things I need my phone to do. And as soon as something comes along that’s better, I’ll switch again,” he wrote. -Robert Scoble, an influential technologist, is “no longer an Apple fanboy”. He wrote on his Google+ page, “Apple lately HAS slipped in my eyes and there are lots of examples how (Google Now, Waze maps, and tons of apps that are here already and coming on the Android platform, like SwiftKey keyboards) are examples of why I’m getting ready to leave the Apple platform and switch to Android.” -- MG Siegler, arguably one of the most diehard Apple fanboys, once wrote a piece titled ‘Why I hate android’. Now, he is praising Nexus 4, an Android phone even though he has not exactly ditched the iPhone.

“Nice hardware aside, the true reason to go with Android — if you’re going to go with Android — has to be the software. Aside from the core Android layer getting more polish, the Google services keep getting better. Specifically, Google Now is great. You may not realize it at first, but over time, it keeps getting better,” he recently wrote. -- Then there are technology bloggers like Jamie Dihiansan, Brian Osborne and Mathew Ingram whose faith in the iPhone seems to be wavering. Why the sudden exodus? Personally, I have always found Android to be a much better operating system. The iPhone and iOS have their merits but for me Android works best for several reasons. From the posts written by people switching from the iPhone to Android, I believe these are the same reasons Apple loyalists are now discovering.

Let me put them in a list. - Android is much more flexible compared to iOS. This means you can customize your phone according to your needs and do a lot more with it. This is a huge advantage once you realize the possibilities it opens up. -Compared to iOS, Android is now much better looking. The design language adopted by Google in Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4 is modern, clean and sensible. This is in stark contrast to now boring and bloated user interface in iOS.

 Android does a lot of things better compared to iOS. For example, it has better notification system, apps can talk directly to each other, if a user wants, he or she can access the file system, the lockscreen can be customized, and Google services tend to work better on Android.

 Most high-end android phones have a large and gorgeous screen with very high-resolution. Believe me, once you have used a high-resolution large screen, you will not like to go back to the ‘tiny’ iPhone.

 Android allows people to do their stuff in the way they want. But Apple forces the user’s hand. For example, on Android you can choose your default web browser. On the iPhone, you are forced to use Safari by default. On Android, you can change your keyboard and choose from different styles of typing. On the iPhone, you are limited to just one way of typing and one keyboard. So, is Android the perfect mobile operating system? No. nothing is perfect and Android has its own issues. But despite the issues, overall it is the most functional, flexible and a reasonably good-looking operating system at the moment. In a high-end phone, it is tough to beat it. And long-time Apple loyalists are realizing it.


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