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How to use Lipstick

How to use Lipstick

Lipsticks  Lip-Lock and Liping, all these things are emotional. Red lips are an essential component to a woman’s makeup repertoire.

So When you make up careful about red lipstick. Lipstick doesn`t shoot all woman, especially the red one. If you do a google search for “picking the right red lipstick”, you’ll come up with 318,000 results.  You know what each of those articles have to say?  

Something totally different.  Everyone has a different answer! So how’s a girl to figure this out?? All red lipsticks are available to the nearby market. Take your wife before buy a good one and let her give a trial for it.

Best 5 Lipstick
1. Cherry
2. Carnberry
3. Wine
4. Orange red
5. Blackberry

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