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Bottle House, The Bangladeshi way

10 May 2017   Wednesday

Bangladesh is a innovative country and people are super creative here, Example near in hand-Bottle House.Rather than discarding used plastic bottles, an innovative couple in a remote village of Bangladesh`s Lalmonirhat district, have recycle thousands of colourful bottles to build an eco-friendly house.

Best desserts around in Bangladesh

29 March 2017   Wednesday

If you come to Bangladesh, one department that is sure to enchant you, among many, is that of our desserts. We make and eat a variety of sweetmeats which we call “mishti” that literally translates to sweet in English. 

Who will benefit from MNP in Bangladesh?

17 October 2015   Saturday

Is it Grameen phone, Banglalink or Robi? Who will benefit from MNP in Bangladesh? A million Dollar question but answer is very easy. The Upper hand with maximum network facility will get better benefit. But what will people get?

Bangladesh 84th in Global Peace Index

26 June 2015   Friday

Bangladesh ranks 84 in Global Peace Index among 162 countries in the world and Bangladesh ranks third among seven South Asian countries in the Global Peace Index 2015. 

Ramadan begins Friday

18 June 2015   Thursday

Holy Ramadan, the lunar month of self-purification through fasting and abstinence for Muslims, will begin in the country on Friday as the moon was sighted nowhere in the Bangladesh sky on Wednesday.

The Booming Automotive Industry in Bangladesh

18 June 2015   Thursday

Carmudi examines the current and future state of the automotive industry in Bangladesh and other Emerging Markets.


No Bangladeshi university in Asia`s top 100

14 June 2015   Sunday

Not a single Bangladeshi university has managed to secure a place in the top 100 Asian universities, a list which is dominated by institutions from China, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


Bangladeshi Startups are growing fast

27 May 2015   Wednesday

Bangladeshi Startups are now growing spree, a lot of Bangladeshi Startups are showing their promises. Startup Dhaka is giving a platform to grow up Bangladeshi Startups.  Fayaz Taher, Co-Founder of SD Asia, is a startup community advocate from Bangladesh recently wrote about Bangladeshi Startups in prothom alo titled `Bullish on Bangladesh startup scene`.

Why Bangladesh hit again by Earthquake?

12 May 2015   Tuesday

Bangladesh is in the major earthquake zone. Bangladesh, being located close to the plate margins of Indian and Eurasian plates, is susceptible to earthquakes. The collision of the Indian plate moving northward with the Eurasian plate is the cause of frequent earthquakes in the region comprising Bangladesh and neighbouring India, Nepal and Myanmar.

Facebook tries to make fool Bangladeshi internet users

09 May 2015   Saturday

Facebook tries to make fool Bangladeshi internet user and lure them through internet.org campaign. You already have learned, Internet.org will launch in Bangladesh soon and it will give some basic website browse free of cost, that means if you browse through internet.org app the certain provider will not cut data cost. The Mobile operator Robi will bring the service and initially 29 website will be offered through this app. But here raises a question of Net Neutrality, which is already make a debate in India.

Shuvo Nobobarsha

17 April 2015   Friday

Pahela Baishakh is here again, ringing out the old and brining in the new. Our greetings and best wishes to all on this first day of the Bengali year 1422.


Unsung innovations of impressive Bangladesh: Future is here!

15 February 2015   Sunday

The promotion theme means everything in three words. Yes we are going to enter the largest technology carnival in south Asia. Someone described it as an exposition outside.  When the individuals enter the arena, the idea turns on. The tech carnival tiled Digital World started at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in the capital on February 9 and will go an end on February.